As a client of Technical-Assistance your business will benefit from our wide range of support services and our vast range of knowledge of different systems and technologies. We understand how important IT is to your business and how much disruption it can cause when it is not running smoothly.

Server and Network support is essential to keep your business IT systems working efficiently, we therefore provide different degrees of support to suit your business needs and budget and aim to get your IT systems working effectively as quickly as possible with as little disturbance to your business.

Your network is a hugely important aspect of your business. At Technical-Assistance we appreciate this and aim to design the perfect network to suit your needs and budget. Whatever the size of your business and network requirements, from single server to large infrastructure, we design your network systems with the future in mind. This will make it possible to upgrade your network as technology advances and keep your systems, and therefore business, performing at their best.

Your Data and Voice Infrastructure can have a big impact on your IT system if it is not implemented properly. At Open Technology we place great importance on designing and installing this foundation of your system. The quality of the network cabling greatly affects the quality and performance of your network system. Technical-Assistance vows to take the time to work out what infrastructure will provide the best service for you and keeps it working at its best performance level fitting in with your financial budget.

Technical-Assistance provide on-site visits to install, fix and maintain your systems. We understand that clients really appreciate the personal touch that onsite visits provide and the professional expertise that they receive. Visits to you mean we can keep familiar with your systems so that if any problems arise we are able to resolve them quickly and with as little disruption to you as possible.

We are available online and over the phone to talk you through technical difficulties and provide excellent technical support.

Our Remote Support Service allows us to take control of your Servers and PC’s in order to resolve any faults quickly and efficiently ensuring the least possible disruption to you.

We use system audits to obtain accurate records of your IT infrastructure in order for us to make recommendations for improvements to your IT systems.